2017 Rules and Regulations

Superintendent: Shaun Tidwell (915) 479-2986
Show Secretary: Kylie Owen (915) 491-3900
Ground Superintendent: Victor Sanchez (915)630-3452

 Entries must be submitted online by September 16, 2017
Late entries will be accepted with a $25 penalty fee.

A signature on the online entry receipt from the Ag Science Teacher (AST) or County Extension Agent (CEA) signifies that the Exhibitor(s) has owned and cared for the animal(s) during the required ownership period.  This is to be turned in along with Health papers at check in.


Beef Steer $25.00
Beef Heifer $25.00
Rabbits $10.00
Poultry $10.00
Market Lamb $25.00
Breeding Goats $25.00
Market Hogs $25.00
Consumer Science  
Junior Division (kinder - 5th) $10.00
Senior Division (6th - 12th) $10.00
Indistrial Arts  
* Individual - Junior (6th - 8th) $25.00
* Individual - Senior (9th - 12th) $25.00
* Group Project - Junior (6th - 8th) $30.00
* Group Project - Senior (9th - 12th) $30.00

Complete, print summary receipt and have AST or CEA sign and have ready to present along with Health papers when arriving on the grounds. Please make a copy of your signed summary receipt and health papers to give to the Livestock Show Secretary at the time of check in. Thank you!

Please note: Specific Rules in each livestock division will take precedence over any corresponding General Rule.

  1. Exhibitors: Each exhibitor must be a member in good standing with a FFA or 4-H Club (except for Consumer Science and Industrial Arts) in El Paso, Culberson, Dona Ana, Hudspeth or Otero County. If an exhibitor has shown in any market division they will not be allowed to show in the Pee Wee divisions.

  2. Livestock ownership: Market animals must be validated with the state or county validation tag from the state or county in which the exhibitor resides. Each livestock exhibit MUST have been continually cared for and owned by the exhibitor for a period of time prescribed by the corresponding state validation rules. State Validation rules apply to (meat) breeding goats, and breeding poultry must be under ownership of youth exhibitors by July 1 2016. Ownership papers (registration, transfer of ownership, bill of sale, etc.) for the breeding heifers, breeding goats, breeding rabbits, and breeding poultry may be requested by show officials. Pedigree rabbits must be under ownership of exhibitor by July 1 2017. Market poultry (turkeys, geese, and ducks with the exception of broilers) must be owned by the youth by July 15th. Broilers must be in possession for at least 45 days. Proof of ownership may be requested by show officials. The exhibitor needs to be under the supervision of either an Ag Science Teacher (AST), 4-H Leader or County Extension Agent (CEA).

  3. Registration papers must be made out in the name of the exhibitor.

  4. Arrival of Animals: All livestock will be accepted on to the grounds during the time periods listed in the current show schedule. (Health papers are required along with your signed online entry receipt – please make a copy for the Show Secretary ) All auction animals MUST be present for the Auction.

  5. Health Certificates: Exhibitors will present Original and a copy of the Health Certificates upon entering the fair grounds. No animals will be admitted or unloaded without such papers. See “Sanitary Regulation” The copy will be filed with the Livestock Show Secretary.

  6. Classifying and Sifting: Exhibitors are responsible for proper classification and / or weighing of animals. Each respective Division Superintendent or Livestock Show Superintendent will determine the eligibility of all animals for show purposes before judging begins. Any animals, in the judgment of the respective superintendent, that do not have sufficient merit to entitle them to exhibit, or which are in any other way objectionable, will be sifted. The decision of the Division Superintendent and the Executive Fair Board will be final.

  7. Diseases: Sick animals will be rejected. Any diseased animal will be removed from the fairgrounds immediately and all prize money and entry fees will be forfeited to the El Paso County Fair.

  8. Judging: In all cases the decision of the Judge will be final. Judging will not start until all animals that are to be judged are in the show ring or do not respond after the third call.

  9. Showing: All animals must be shown by their owner in the judging area. Permission for a substitute exhibitor for a valid reason must be obtained from the Division Superintendent. Substitute exhibitors must be bona fide exhibitors in the current show.

  10. Placing: The show reserves the right for the Judge to place any single entry in any position of place they deem fitting and proper.

  11. Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Drive: Judging will not start until the proper animals are in the show ring or do not respond after the third call.

  12. Showmanship: Showmanship classes will be divided in the following manner. Junior Showmanship ages 8 – 13. Senior Showmanship ages 14-18. Showmanship classes will begin following the Grand Champion Selection in each division.

  13. Compliance: Any exhibitor failing to comply with any rules automatically forfeits all premiums, ribbons, monies, and trophies, etc to the El Paso County Fair.

  14. Protest: All protests and/or complaints must be made in WRITING AND ACCOMPANIED BY $25.00 (CASH) which will be forfeited if the protest is not sustained. If the protest results in a reversal of the decision, the $25.00 will be refunded to the protester. Any protest must state plainly the cause of the complaint or appeal, and must be delivered to the Division Superintendent or Executive Fair Board immediately after the occasion of the protest. Any protest not delivered to the Division Superintendent or the Executive Fair Board will be deemed waived. For assistance please see Livestock Show Secretary.

  15. Interpretation: The El Paso County Livestock Show Superintendent reserves the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and regulations and arbitrarily settle and determine all matters, questions, and differences in regards thereto, otherwise arising out of, or connected with, any incident to the show. All exhibitors who violate any rules will be subject to such penalty as the Executive Fair Board deems suitable.

  16. Unethical Practice: All exhibitors, Ag Science Teachers, 4-H Leaders or County Agents found guilty of any practice deemed unethical by the Executive Fair Board will forfeit all premium monies, ribbons and trophies, and the owner / exhibitor of the exhibit will be barred from any future participation in the El Paso County Fair and Junior Livestock Show. Animals will be subjected to confiscation and will become El Paso County Fair Association property.

  17. Exhibitors must furnish their own feeding and watering equipment. They must keep their pens and surrounding area clean and animals properly groomed at all times. If livestock is not properly cared for, feed, labor and other necessary items will be supplied and all cost thereof charged to such exhibitor. Any sale money won by such exhibitor will be withheld under such circumstances to apply towards any expenses incurred. The minimum charge in this event will be $100.00.

  18. Exhibitor will not be allowed to wear any form of commercial advertising in the judging show ring with the exception of club logos. This rule will be strictly enforced.

  19. Random drug testing may be performed on any and all animals shown at the El Paso County Fair. If an exhibitor is found guilty of using illegal drugs, they will forfeit all monies, premiums, and their entry fees. The exhibitor may also be required to reimburse the County Fair for all expenses incurred. All decisions of the Executive Fair Board are final.



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