Consumer Science Division

Superintendent: Susannah Calhoun (575)640-7523

 Entries must be submitted online by September 16, 2017
Late entries will be accepted with a $25 penalty fee.

New this year: Exhibitor will be able to enter as a Junior exhibitor or a Senior exhibitor.

Junior division - Kinder to 5th grade
Senior division - 6th to 12th grade

Check in date and time for all Décor, Fine arts, Hobby and Textiles is September 22, 2017 (see schedule of events for times) Late entries will be accepted with a $25 penalty fee. Judging will be on Friday morning - September 22, 2017. All items are required to stay in place until Fridays Auction.

Check-in date and time for Culinary items is September 22, 2017 (see schedule of events for check in time) No late entries will be accepted. Judging will begin directly after check-in.

Pumpkin decorating contest – everyone is eligible, Kindergarten to 12 th grade (see schedule of events for check in time)

We are looking for creativity and imagination from our exhibitors. The EPCFA hopes that each year we will be able to grow and add new and exciting things. We are always looking towards the future so if there are any suggestions on how to make the EPCFA Consumer Science Contest better please let us know.

  1. Late entries will be allowed with a $25 penalty fee.

  2. Exhibitors must meet all general rules and requirement for participation in the El Paso County Fair as outlined in the Rules and Regulations.

  3. No adult entries will be accepted.

  4. Exhibitors are not limited in their number of entries: however you are limited to one entry per class.

  5. When registering through ShoWorks (online), exhibitors should identify a division, number of entries, and category. A brief description is required. If there is a problem the Superintendent will have final say.

  6. Check-in – Entries may be checked in by parent, agent, manager and or teacher. Please see check-in times as they have changed this year. Exhibitors will declare Class at check-in. Superintendent may recommend moving an entry to a different category or class as appropriate. The Exhibitors name should not appear on any part of the entry. All entries should have an index card with the name of the Culinary, Décor, Fine Arts, Hobby, Textiles, recipe or list of materials used in the project.

  7. Judges decision will be final.


  • Junior and Senior division:
    -Plaques for over all Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Winner.
    -Rosettes for all division winners –Champion and Grand Champion.
    -Ribbons for all 1 st through 7 th place winners.

  • All Grand Champion, Reserve Grand Champion and all first place winners will make the sale. (See schedule of events for exact time of the Consumer Auction) Limit of two (2) items per exhibitor will be allowed through the sale.

  • Silent Auction - All items that were first places and not eligible for the sale due to the exhibitor have two items already in the sale and all second place winner are eligible for the silent auctions.


  • Culinary – homemade – no box mix or pre-packaged and no refrigerated items allowed.
    • All products must be plated and covered.
    • Cake
    • Cupcakes (13)
    • Breads
    • Pies
    • Cookies – No fruit or cream – accommodations do not allow for refrigerated items
    • Candy
    • Specialty – theme “Pecan County” (recipes should be predominantly pecans)
    • Floral arrangements (wreath or vase, fresh or artificial)
    • Woodworking (fresh build not repurposed)
    • Table sitters (lamps, clocks knick-knacks, counter sitting items, etc.
    • Wall hangings (lamps, clocks signs shelves, (not fresh built), anything that hangs)
    • Metal working (fresh built not repurposed)
    • 4x6 or 5x7
    • Paintings
    • Drawings
    • Sculptures
    • Ceramic
    • Pottery
    • Needlepoint / Embroidery
    • Photography (black/white, color or specialty)
    • Horticulture (grown floral, vegetable, landscape/ornamental)
    • Homemade (leather, jewelry, soap, candles
    • Clothing – sewn
    • Clothing – decorated
    • Crochet / knit
    • Quilts


If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at

Updated 9.20.2017