Industrial Arts / Ag Mechanics

Superintendent: Victor Sanchez (915)630-3452

 Entries must be submitted online by September 16, 2017
Late entries will be accepted with a $25 penalty fee.

New this year: Exhibitors will be able to enter as a Junior exhibitor or a Senior Exhibitor.

        Individuals – Junior (6th grade to 8th grade)
        Individuals – Senior (9th grade to 12th grade)

        Group Projects – Junior (6th grade to 8th grade)
        Group Projects – Senior (9th grade to 12th grade)

  1. Articles entered for exhibit must be the work of student(s) enrolled in school at the time of construction.

  2. All projects must have been completed since January 1 st of the current year.  Projects may not have been entered into the El Paso County Fair in previous years in any class.

  3. Exhibitors will be assigned space by the Superintendent or his assistant.

  4. A brief description of the projects is required at the time of entry.

  5. Upon check-in, all exhibitors must provide the following information – Portfolio including design (blue print) list of materials, at least 10 pictures of the creation of the project start to finish and a list of all sponsors that made the project possible. Time spent on the project when completed and
    equipment used.

  6. Each of the projects will be placed into the category by the Superintendent and Judge before the Judging begins. Any class with three (3) or fewer projects may be combined with an appropriate class as determined by the Superintendent and Judge.

  7. The following factors will be considered when judging exhibits:
            -Workmanship Quality
            -Illustrated Skills

  8. Under no circumstances may a project have the name of the exhibitor(s), club, or school on the project prior to judging. The exhibitor card will be placed on the project immediately after judging.

  9. It will be the responsibility of exhibitors to place cards on the exhibits showing the following after the judging is completed:
            -Students(s) name
            -FFA Chapter, VICA Chapter, 4-H Club or other recognized Club
            -Name of project entry

Ag Mechanics – Individual Projects (I) – Group Projects (G)

  • Wood Projects Individual
  • Wood Projects Group
  • Metal Projects Individual
  • Metal Projects Group
  • Combination Wood and Metal Projects Individual
  • Combination Wood and Metal Projects Group
  • Horseshoe Projects Individual
  • Horseshoe Projects Group
  • Rustic Furniture Individual
  • Rustic Furniture Group


If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at

Updated 7.29.2016