Market Hog Show

Superintendent: Ray & Brandy Owen (915)204-8713
Judge: Clay Burson

 Entries must be submitted online by September 16, 2017
Late entries will be accepted with a $25 penalty fee.

  1. This show will be a barrow and gilt show.

  2. There will not be a minimum or maximum weight.

  3. All Market Hogs will be weighed, classified and tagged prior to the show by the hog show committee. This weight will be official. There is no weight back.

  4. The number of animals in each class will be determined based on the number of animals at check-in.

  5. Judging will not start until all hogs that are to be judged are in the show ring or do not respond after the third call

  6. Only Champion of each breed will show for the Grand Champion. Reserve Champion will be selected from the remaining Champion animals of each breed, plus the Reserve Champion of the breed division producting the Grand Champion.

  7. Exhibitors eligible for the sale must sell their highest placing animal.

  8. No oil, paint, powder, or other dressing will be permitted. Animals entering the ring with anything other than water as a dressing will be ineligible to show.

  9. No snouting allowed at any time.

  10. No injection of any kind may be given except when directed by a veterinarian and supervised by the Superintendent.

  11. All exhibitors are responsible for their own animals. Anyone caught leaving the animal uncared for will have a $100.00 a day charge from the El Paso County Fair.

  12. This show is non-terminal show.


  • OPB
  • Duroc
  • Hamp
  • York
  • Cross


If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at

Updated 8.23.2017